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"Design is art optimised to meet objectives"

What we do

At Besalel Arts & Creatives, every design project is a masterpiece in the making. When we design, we combine the creative with the analytical. We take a 360 degree view of your vision, brand and audience to develop stand-out visuals that tell your story, articulate your message and invoke the right responses. We are not merely a design agency. We solve your company’s visual communications problems to create awareness, shape perceptions and increase market share to elevate your business.


Website Design

Marketing Graphic Design - Social media ads, banners and graphics; powerpoint presentations; digital brochures, data sheets and digital resumes

Graphic Art - T-Shirt designs, cushion cover and notebook cover designs


intentional designs make impact

What we believe

We design with your purpose in mind, creating visual compositions that drive business transformation. We believe that good design is not just surface-level aesthetics. We thoroughly consider the impact of selected images, colour palettes and typography so that they contribute aesthetically towards brand perception. When it comes to website designs, we take into consideration the entire user experience. We understand that the final design should contribute towards increasing your target audience engagement and converting potential customers.

we design experiences that invoke responses

Why we are different

We stand out from other graphic design agencies because we treat your business like it is our own. We do not depend on cookie-cutter templates in your designs. We understand your business, your brand design and your objectives before we execute our design strategy.  Beyond the visual appeal, we also incorporate marketing strategies in our designs, crafting messages and incorporating imageries that educate, motivate, and engage. 


“Paige appreciates and embraces the heartbeat & thinking of the client to deliver a product which artistically illustrates and pictorialise what the client felt & think but could not, on his/her own.”

- David Ang, Academy of Community Entrepreneurship

Client Testimonies

What our clients say

Paige’s design and artistic expression on the website of the ministry reflects not only the image and look, but also the heart, depth and profoundness of what the ministry purports to bring. She puts the heart & soul of the ministry on a clever display.

- David, Fatherheart Ministries Singapore

A total of 210 covers over the space of 9 months was the signature IMPACT of Paige’s work in enlarging our client base across 4 time zones in Asia using a palette of fresh ideas, emotionally-stimulating content and punch lines that facilitated the new-borns and new-norms that launched us forward into uncharted waters that was 2020.

These creatives were at times, a universe of ideas and at other times, a point of singularity that draws the eye to a central pivot. It is abundantly clear to me, tested over time, that product delivery far exceeds the expectations of the client, in ways that are both predictably exceptional and exceptionally predictable.

I know of no other creative agency that delivers as Besalel does with an eye to changing market preferences and also the essential core of our mission across the spaces, both on and off-line where our members, partners and associates are active.

- Gerard Seow,

Paige is standout-creative but also very practical and grounded. I think this is very very unique and adds value to her perspectives and points of view. Her insights are therefore ALWAYS balanced and properly considered. Besalel creates beautiful, functional and efficient websites! Highly recommended.

- Chee HL, Speckled Lambs Pte Ltd

Paige is professional and easy to work with and she knows the ins and outs of a good website, is responsive and will involve you in the development of the website. I would recommend her service to others.

- Antony Hardjojo, Jaya Medical Writing

Design is Visual Thinking

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